Why did you decide to launch EDUART EXPERIENCE and how did you design the different programmes?  

There is much opportunity for growth in the art markets of Central and Eastern Europe as they have yet to reach a thoroughly international level. Not only are international collectors increasingly recognising the quality of CEE art, but local collectors are also refining their habits. With the growing wealth in the region, there is an increasing number of art lovers looking to invest in art and expand their collecting interests to the international market.

Our programmes have been designed for new as well as seasoned collectors in order to guide them through every aspect of the art market and nurture their passion for art. Our mission is to unlock the world of art for everyone. We believe that anyone can become a collector.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our programmes have been carefully curated to respond to a growing demand in the region. We offer a complex overview of the art market alongside the necessary international context. We are not directly connected with any commercial body, so we can guarantee the very best and impartial art world experience.

Who are the partners you mention and what is their role?

We have partnered with internationally renowned specialists, curators, and art advisors, who are willing to share their know-how and interesting art world experiences with our programme participants and online magazine subscribers. Our aim is to collaborate with as many art professionals, galleries and museums as possible to provide relevant insight covering all aspects of the art market. We will be introducing our partners on our website, social media and online magazine.

How can the art scene benefit from this project?

We believe that art market education along with nurturing the passion for art will inevitably lead to seasoned art collecting. The more someone collects, the more the artists thrive. We also hope that our project will help cultivate the entire art ecosystem. Gallerists, curators and art advisors will benefit from collaborating with us through the opportunity to reach out to new audiences. To make the art market education more accessible, we have included a philanthropist aspect in the EDUART CONCIERGE programme. Once your requests of our services meet the value of the EDUART START programme, you can give it to someone special or let our expert committee decide who will join it for free.

Are you going to focus on a specific part of the art world?

We will mainly focus on visual art, but we also want to cover design and architecture.

How can I sign up for the programme?

Anyone can easily enrol on the EDUART START programme using the form on eduartexperience.com. If you wish to give this programme as a gift to someone special, just let us know and we will send you the welcome certificate along with the artwork (in case of the full programme) as soon as possible. A limited edition of an art print was created by the artist ZEB ONE especially for EDUART EXPERIENCE.

If you want further details on the EDUART CURATOR programme or want to use our EDUART CONCIERGE services, you can call us, send us an email or just use our contact form on the website and we will get in touch.

Is it possible to enrol in just part of the EDUART START programme?

We recommend completing the full programme which is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the art market. However, you can also register for the events and online part only.

Can I attend the EDUART START programme more than once?  

You can. We will keep updating the schedule according to current events and the discussion of new trends. Another possibility is to continue nurturing your art passion with the EDUART CURATOR programme, which is advanced and tailored to your specific needs.

Do I have to speak Czech to participate in the EDUART START programme?

Physical events will be held in Czech, unless we have a small group of foreign participants joining. If you are interested in this option, please let us know. Online sessions via ZOOM will be executed in English. Handouts will be distributed in English.

The physical part of the EDUART START programme will take place in Prague. Do you plan to expand to other locations?

We will start with exploring the art scene in Prague, but we would like to offer programmes in Brno and Bratislava as well, and then according to the demand. We also have we have great partners in Poland and Hungary.

There are no location or language restrictions with the EDUART CURATOR or EDUART CONCIERGE programmes.

How many people can participate in the programmes?

In order to keep the EDUART START programme intimate, there will be only a small group of participants. EDUART START will be offered quarterly and you can book your place in advance. You can sign up for the EDUART CURATOR programme at any time, but we will take on just a limited number of clients to make sure they get the best and most tailored services.

I haven´t decided yet if I want to register for your programme, is it possible to do a free trial?

We plan to organize occasional events (online or physical) so that you meet our lecturers and partners and get a sense of what our programmes are about.

How did you settle on the cost of each programme?

The final costs are a combination of specialists´ fees, admission tickets, catering and our salaries. Dividing the cost of the programme over six months and twelve different physical and online sessions, it is excellent value for money, especially in comparison to the international offer.

What if there are still some restrictions in place regarding Covid-19?

In this case, we would either divide participants into even smaller groups to meet the regulations or move the event to the following month or to digital environment. The online sessions will run as planned.

Why should someone invest in art in today's difficult times?

Art will always play an integral role in our society and even more so in times of crisis. Art has the power to transform your private space into a creative and cultural sanctuary. While this alone may inspire to buy a painting or sculpture, we must also acknowledge that art holds its value, making it a strong complement to a wider investment portfolio.