The artist ZEB ONE has created a limited edition unique art print for EDUART EXPERIENCE

22 December 2020

The artist ZEB ONE has created a limited edition unique art print for EDUART EXPERIENCE

The well-respected art historian and curator Radek Wohlmuth describes the artist ZEB ONE (1982) as another of the great writers who have succeeded in crossing the boundary between the street and the gallery scene. ZEB ONE joins an ever-growing trend of recent years which is characterised by the gradual infiltration of the language of graffiti into the space of free art without attributes.

“When I decided to start creating works on canvas, it took me almost a year to find out what I wanted to paint. In the end, the main inspiration appeared to be the letter again, sometimes drawn in a very abstract way. The geometric form is my natural artistic expression because I can see the parallel between it and my life - sometimes they call me a robot!” mentions the artist laughing.

According to Wohlmuth, ZEB ONE does not regard letters in a symbolic way and does not attach a significance to them derived, for example, from personal mythology. For him, letters are not a cryptographic technique and he does not compose words from them or attempt to spell them out. Instead, he focuses, as always, on their shape, colour and mutual relationships.

“For EDUART EXPERIENCE, I chose the letter E in reference to the name of the project. The decision to use portrait format is very important to the print as it allows for the shapes to fit more cohesively on the paper. Then, I begin by following my usual routine. First I sketch the letter manually and then leave it breathe for two days. If I come back and I am happy with the initial draft, I will replicate it in a graphic programme,” says the artist as he explains his creative process. Participants on the EDUART START programme will receive the limited edition of this unique screen-printed artwork to start their collection with.

“The value of this piece lies in its use of six colours, a number which is not easy to print as each shade needs to be applied separately. The more colours you use, the higher the risk that the design won´t fit correctly on the paper,” explains the artist.

The last solo show held by ZEB ONE was at Trafo Gallery in autumn 2019. It was his second exhibition organised by the gallerist, Blanka Čermáková. According to her, the value of his oeuvre continues to rise due to the artist´s stubbornness and refined style based on contemporary Letterism. The next solo presentation is scheduled for autumn 2021 at The Chemistry Gallery and his artworks will be also part of the group show in The Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen in November.