Šárka Samková’s Obsession with Art

11 July 2022

Šárka Samková’s Obsession with Art

Šárka has always been interested in art, but the true collector's passion awoke in her around two years ago when she started meeting artists in person. "Suddenly, I looked at works of art not simply as an aesthetic object, but also as a reflection of the artist, their ideas and the time when they created the work. It was then that the need to actually own art was aroused in me. It's an unreal addiction and a difficult obsession to control," says Šárka.

She sailed into the art world intuitively, on her own, following this up with systematic study, of modern Czech visual arts in particular. Šárka's view is that the EduArt Start education programme helped her broaden this knowledge and accelerated her understanding of the art market through discussions with international experts. "The more artists, gallery owners, and possibilities of acquiring a work of art a person gets to know, the more carefully they think about what to buy and the less hasty they are in their decisions," Šárka says in giving useful advice to beginners.

The return on buying a work of art comes last in her thoughts, although she does see using money in this way as a good investment if you are well versed in the art market. "Although some form of economic calculus does have its part to play when buying art, I personally use this idea of making the right investment to excuse myself for buying another new painting. Above all, I have to like the artist's work and then fall in love with a specific work that I feel should become part of my life and my home," Šárka reveals in explaining her approach to what she buys. On the one hand, a work of art brings her great joy or is a carrier of important ideas, and on the other there are artists who exhibit abroad and are more famous, meaning the odds of potential future appreciation are higher.

Šárka now has several dozen works. Although still a rather small private collection, she keeps a proper record of everything and deals with contracts and certificates of authenticity. One of her most valuable works, in terms of meaning rather than purchase price, is an etching by Vojtěch Preissig which she bought at auction. "I was completely irrational during the auction because I greatly appreciate this work for the admirable fate of the artist. Essentially I knew that I wanted the work and didn't really bother about the value," recalls Šárka with a smile on her face, adding that the whole process of buying art, whether at a studio, a gallery, or an auction house, should be enjoyed as much as possible.

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