Artefin Investment Fund Presents Its First Acquisitions of Contemporary Art

16 January 2022

Artefin Investment Fund Presents Its First Acquisitions of Contemporary Art

According to head of Artefin René Rohan, the fund is an option for people who are convinced that art is an extremely attractive investment, but for whatever reason would not start a collection of their own. To make sure that the increase in value is as high as possible, you need to know your way around the market, have an in-built feel for quality, actively look for exceptional acquisitions, and deal with the liquid assets that follow. A team of experts deals with all of this for the fund, each and every acquisition passing through a complex procedure that begins with careful selection of the work, moves on to follow-up discussions, and ends with a final, two-tiered approval process.

Artefin recently presented its first acquisitions, the works of Stanislav Kolíbal, Krištof Kintera, Jiří Matějů, Monika Žáková, and Argišt Alaverdyan among them. To begin with, then, the focus is on Czech artists, although the fund does have some outstanding artists from Poland, Romania, and Slovakia in its sights.

Dealing in contemporary art has undoubtedly come to dominate the market in the west, but is still undervalued in this country. The trend is slowly making its way over, however, and even now it is clear that demand for quality artists will begin to rise, meaning that their works will be very difficult to get your hands on in the future. This, together with good deals on acquisitions, lays the foundations for an increase in value over a period of five years and longer.

“Once contemporary art has come to dominate the market, prices will inevitably rise, and a quality collection truly will be worth its weight in gold. It might happen that the value of some of the young artists we are putting out faith in does not rise as we would like, but history has shown time and again that the price of works created by other artists can rocket by hundreds of per cent. Meaning that investing in contemporary art with the help of a team of qualified experts cannot really be seen as taking a major risk,” explains René Rohan, adding that: “Another undoubted advantage of our fund is the fact that you are investing in tangible items that already exist, and even if the fund were to come to an end for some reason, investors would still be left with valuable works of art that will only become even more valuable over time.”

The works are on show at the Artefin gallery in the town of Měšice near Prague, which is also home to an extensive repository that holds over 900 works by contemporary artists. It all adds up to an outstanding opportunity to refine your artistic tastes, which is why a visit to Artefin is part of the EduArt Roadshow programme for experienced collectors (write to for more information).

René Rohan studied art, was an active artist himself for some time, and ran Galerie 761 in Ostrava. He then joined forces with an associate to set up Artex Art Services, a shipping company specialising in transporting art. The Artefin investment fund was set up in 2021, with EduArt Experience founder Barbora Půlpánová on the team of experts, where she is in charge of education and a loyalty programme for investors.