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A Piece of Art that is a Specialist´s Dream

Is there a recipe for the perfect storm? The ideal tick-list to ensure your artwork is positioned at the higher end of the price bracket recorded for its artist? Unfortunately, it´s not as simple as that and Bojana Popović explains why.

Things to Know before You Start Investing in Art

The art market follows rules of its own, independently of other markets. Therefore, art offers a unique way to diversify a wider investment portfolio. The advantage of art is that unlike graphs and tables, you can enjoy it and perhaps form a personal and emotional connection with it.

An Opportunity to Reinvent the Central European Art Market

“Now is the right time to rethink current art business strategies in Central Europe, a region still predominantly focused on national markets with few international interactions,” mentioned Anna Povejšilová and Barbora Půlpánová in their opinion piece for the Aspen Institute Annual Conference Booklet.

Reset of the Art World

„The art world is heading towards a hybrid landscape with online and offline activities mutually reinforcing each other,” mentioned Barbora Půlpánová in the article written for Roklen24.