What to Expect from the Art Market in 2021 According to Art Advisor Marta Gnyp

21 January 2021

What to Expect from the Art Market in 2021 According to Art Advisor Marta Gnyp

2020 taught us to be humble when it comes to future predictions so I’m fully aware how little do I know.

The art system won’t dramatically change in 2021.  In the first part of the year, we will continue with what we did in 2020: looking at art online. We will participate in a few online art fairs without much enthusiasm as, quite simply, it is very boring to watch works for hours in front of the computer. The success of art fairs depends on personal encounters and discoveries and this couldn’t be facilitated digitally thus far.

We will return to real life art fairs in the second half of 2021. I am quite confident that many people will be ready to travel in order to visit art events once they become easily accessible again. Nothing will replace seeing and experiencing art in the flesh.

Auctions will continue to function relatively well online as the public has got used to their digital setting already in the pre-corona time. Instagram will remain an extremely important source of information as the perfect spot for chasing new trends and the real window to the art world. It will also unnoticeably keep shaping our taste.

The existing hype for specific Afro-American and African artists will continue, although new artists entering the art market will likely be met with more scrutiny. Museums will carry on with their programmes highlighting the vindication of overlooked artists of colour and female artists and will sporadically sell works from their collections. The rewriting of the Western canon in art criticism and academia will go hand in hand with the revaluation of certain artists in the art market.

The art world will further expand globally with the Asian market being of great importance next to the American one. It will be an exciting year with a lot of great art.

Marta Gnyp is a Berlin based art historian, international art advisor, gallerist and journalist. The second edition to her best-selling book, The Shift: Art and the Rise to Power of Contemporary Collectors, has been very recently released by Skira Publishers.

Image by Sandra Semburg.