Top 5 Art Market Books to Read in 2022

15 January 2022

Top 5 Art Market Books to Read in 2022

The Shift. Art and the Rise to Power of Contemporary Collectors, Marta Gnyp, 2020

Marta Gnyp is a German gallerist, art advisor and collector, as well as a journalist. “The Shift” takes us on a fascinating journey through the world of contemporary art. Through its analyse of the motives and behaviour of internationally operating collectors, this book explains the current popularity of contemporary art, and discloses the unwritten rules, active networks, and persistent myths of the rapidly expanding territory of art collecting. We talked to Marta last year, you can read the article here.

The Art Collector's Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Acquiring and Owning Art, Mary Rozell, 2020

Mary Rozell is the Global Head of the UBS Art Collection, one of the world´s largest corporate collections of modern and contemporary masterpieces. She draws on her long experience as an art advisor and lawyer to illuminate some of the myriad issues that arise with ownership of an art collection. This handbook is a must read for prospective and experienced collectors alike, as well as for anyone aspiring to a professional career within today's art market. Read the interview about the book here.

The Rise and Rise of the Private Art Museum, Georgina Adam, 2021

Georgina Adam is a journalist, public speaker, art lecturer and art market expert. There are some 400 private museums around the world, and an astonishing 70 % of those devoted to contemporary art were founded in the past 20 years. Georgina Adam's investigation into this extraordinary proliferation, based on her recent visits to over 50 private spaces across the US, Europe, China and elsewhere, delves into the reasons behind this boom, the differing motivations of collectors as to why they display their art in public, as well as the various ways in which these institutions are financed. Listen to Georgina commenting on her book here.

A Year in the Art World, Matthew Israel, 2020

Matthew Israel is a curator, writer, and art historian. Matthew Israel takes the reader on a cross-continental journey through a year in the field of art, lifting the veil on a culture that emerges as diverse, adventurous, nuanced, and meaningful. From Los Angeles and New York to Paris and Hong Kong, Matthew encounters artists, curators, critics and gallerists, as well as institutions, uncovering the working lives of these art world figures from the renowned to the unseen. Watch Matthew discuss his book here.

The Art Fair Story: A Rollercoaster Ride, Melanie Gerlis, 2021

Melanie Gerlis is the art market columnist for the Financial Times, and was previously Art Market Editor for The Art Newspaper. In just a half century of growth, the art fair industry has transformed the art market. Melanie Gerlis tells the story of the art fairs' rapid ascent, and reflects on their uncertain future. From the first post-war European art fairs built on the imperial 19th-century model of International Exhibitions, to the global art fairs of the 21st century and their new online manifestations, it's a tale of many twists and turns. Melanie´s comments on the book can be found here.