How to Start Your Own Art Collection

4 January 2021

How to Start Your Own Art Collection

Charlotte Fletcher was drawn to art collecting in her late twenties. For Charlotte, acquiring an art piece is a combination of aesthetic love, a message that she really believes in, and an ambitious artist with the drive to make a change.

“It might take time to find pieces that you love, and that’s fine – don’t rush it! Buy for love. No matter what your reasons for collecting, whether simply to appreciate the art or to invest in it long term, it will hang on your wall so make sure you adore it,“ advises Charlotte speaking of her own experience.

After much in-depth research into the act of investing in art, Charlotte was introduced by a friend to Marine Tanguy of the MTArt Agency who explained the basics of collecting art. This tutelage gave Charlotte the confidence to make her very first art acquisition. Both Marine and Charlotte share the same opinion on why it is important to be surrounded by art:

“Our visual context, whether at home, online, in the office or outside, influences our mood, thoughts and feelings. Art is inspiring and uplifting. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by conflicting imagery, art is a powerful and soothing antidote, stimulating discussions, inspiring new ideas, and of course contributing to aesthetically beautiful environments.“

Marine Tanguy founded MTArt Agency in 2015 and since then it has become an award-winning talent agency for up-and-coming visual artists worldwide. Her top three pieces of advice for prospective collectors are as follows:

Research the Career of the Artist
An artwork can be beautiful, but why should that equate to it being valuable? Bear in mind that the artists will need to keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant, keep challenging themselves to move forward and keep creating new works to ensure their careers are profitable. Speaking with them and understanding their journey and vision will give you an idea of what their trajectory will be.

Think Ahead
The ideal scenario would be to invest in an artist before their first museum show, or before they sign a deal with a major brand that will help to boost the value of their works.

Look for Something Special
Art is about expression and individuality, and it follows that artists with a particularly unique technique will have a greater unique selling proposition.

Marine Tanguy and Charlotte Fletcher are the EDUART EXPERIENCE speakers on the online part of the EDUART START programme.