A Great Success of the 1st Edition of Our EduArt Start Programme

23 August 2021

A Great Success of the 1st Edition of Our EduArt Start Programme

„It exposed me many angles of a different world, which I was always an outsider of, and demystified it. It pointed out at similarities with other field of human activity, as well as differences. For me the most important consideration was learning how the market (humans) appreciates aesthetic value and puts a tangible price on art which is something by definition intangible,“ commented Andrea Střelcová, who participated in the online part of the programme.

The first in-person meeting took place at Kvalitář gallery where we explored newly installed exhibition ´Touch´ with its curator Jan Dotřel and gallery owner Marek Habr. Jan and Marek shared with our curious group of prospective collectors interesting information about their gallery business and the art of curating.

The EduArt Start group also visited Trafo Gallery to discuss Anna Neborová’s painting exhibition ´Shadows of Backlighting´ with the artist herself as well as with well-known curator Petr Vaňous. Director of the gallery Blanka Čermáková walked us through their freshly opened showroom and introduced us to artists they represent.

Through the eyes of an artist, we discovered art hands-on in the studio of Czech contemporary artist Vladimír Houdek as well as in the studio of Zdeněk Sýkora, one of the greatest Czech abstract painters, thanks to his longlife partner Lenka who invited us to their house in Louny.

To get the full overview of the art world and the art market, we also visited museums, such as the National Gallery in Prague and Benedikt Rejt Gallery, to take a look at their modern and contemporary art collection.

The next six-month programme starts on 30th September, and you can book your spot here.